In the field of advertising, Acrylic Brochure Holders  is one of the popular products used to complete the ad content from leaflets. The acrylic sample brochure racks contribute to the success of different advertising drive.
The ad and bring products and services to users, customers not only done through promotional activities, the video ... but also use flyers as a way to bring products to customers a best way. And in that journey, acrylic leaflet shelves indispensable part.
1.Vi stars shelves flyers advertising more effective help?
Use flyer advertising a popular method used today to bring the most effective for each program. In addition to leaflets, the shops, banks, businesses ... also placed flyers in the sales space, workplace so customers can see and view at any time. And when put flyers, users need to select the design racks with high transparency, has a eye-catching design to help customers pay more attention.
acrylic holders nice, showing eye-catching flyers
Featuring a highly transparent, safe, cheap and varied designs, different color combinations, materials, acrylic is the choice for pans used leaflets popular nowadays. If using glass will fragile, expensive plastic still will not meet the rigors of the weather. And shelves acrylic is selected leaflets to help users express flyers and bring good advertising effectiveness to customers.
The product shelf modern leaflets, designed in many different forms, creating a unique aesthetic so impressed also with customers, better ads. Users can choose different shelf designs in form, size, color according to user needs.
2. Leaflets modern acrylic holders Vinachali
Acrylic holders nice leaflet
To meet the demand of customers on the shelf acrylic to leaflets, the company offers many design vinachali modern shelf, rich offer diverse choices for you. Cutting technology and advanced processing acrylic , using CNC cutting machines, laser cutting and skilled craftsmen team will meet all design needs leaflet racks individual requirements of customers. Please contact us for the owner of the brochure racks beautiful, modern, long lasting quality in Hanoi.  


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